We are pleased to announce that we are making the i-ALERT2 sensors the default standard option for new pump quotes on a wider range of Goulds Pumps models. 

The sensors are currently standard on the new API i-FRAME® bearing housing models of the 3600, 3610, 3620 and 3640.

The i-ALERT2 sensor is now available as the default option on the vertical turbine pump models. It is mounted to the driver support top plate for vertical turbine pumps. This will enable 24/7 continuous monitoring of tri-axial vibration* and run-time hours, which provides for a unique specifiable option not available from other vertical turbine manufacturers.  

*Temperature monitoring is still available, but less meaningful when mounted on a vertical turbine’s driver support top plate.  

Effective tomorrow (January 16, 2018), the i-ALERT2 sensor will also replace the i-ALERT1 monitor as the default selection for new quotes for the following models: 3196 i-FRAME; CV3196 i-FRAME, HT3196 i-FRAME, LF3196 i-FRAME, NM3196 i-FRAME, 3175, 3198 i-FRAME, 3180/85, 3796, IC i-FRAME, ICP i-FRAME, 3393, and XHD. You can deselect the i-ALERT2 default option in ePrism and convert it back to the i-ALERT1 for ultra-competitive bids or when the pump is supplied to a country where the i-ALERT2 sensor does not have wireless approval.   

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